Transitional Design 101: Three Easy Ways To Achieve It

Transitional Design 101: Three Easy Ways To Achieve It

Transitional design is similar to traditional design, but with a modern spin! It has a timeless aesthetic that gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to modern and traditional decor. Most transitional designers take a less-is-more approach and are careful not to compromise the character or personality of the space they are working in. It is one of the many things I love about this style!

I also love to personally look at transitional design as a moment that grows with you and your family. Whether you’re welcoming a new baby or need an area to entertain guests, the look you choose should transition through your house, allowing you to make the most out of each room.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate transitional design and decor into your home, here are three easy steps to get started:

Grab a Paint Brush

The goal is to keep your colors soft so they don’t take away from the decor and furnishings in your space. Paint your walls with soft tones like creams, tans, or whites. If you want more vibrant colors such as blues or yellows, we recommend going with the lighter hues of those shades, especially for rooms occupied by children.

Add Modern Accents 

Think softly patterned rugs, textured pillows, and somewhat formal seating! You can incorporate pops of color by adding an accent chair or solid duvet. The goal is to keep your look clean and streamlined while adding a few standout pieces within the space.

Add Minimal Decor

I recommend choosing items that are both decorative and functional like reading books. I typically gravitate towards books about interior design because it is my passion, but their aesthetically pleasing covers also help persuade me! Consider incorporating baskets and bowls to store loose items, television remotes, or (faux or real) potted plants too. Just enough to define the space, but not too much to clutter.

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