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We believe joy in the home should be for everyone.

Joy Meets Home offers an expert team of interior designers through its full-service boutique interior design studio located in Atlanta, Georgia. We work with clients all over the country offering a diverse and attainable array of services including full-service design for new builds and renovation projects, home furnishings, and styling services. We pride ourselves on helping clients achieve their design goals creating spaces that are approachable, functional and within their budget.


Our Design Services

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New Construction

Our interior design studio specializes in new construction projects, collaborating with architects and builders to create stunning and functional spaces from the ground up. From conceptualizing layouts to selecting finishes and fixtures, we ensure that every detail reflects our clients' vision and style.


Ready for a fresh look? We offer comprehensive renovation services to transform existing spaces into personalized havens. From kitchen and bathroom makeovers to whole-house renovations, our team combines creativity and functionality to bring your dream home to life.

Home Furnishings

For clients who have one room or multiple rooms, who are looking to hire Joy Meets Home to create beautiful, functional, and personalized spaces that reflect the client's lifestyle, taste, and personality, while also optimizing the use of space. This service typically includes everything from space planning and layout to furniture selection, lighting design, wall treatments, color scheme, and styling.

Interior Styling

We get it – you've loved your home, but now it's time for something different. We offer staging services to help you showcase your home's best features and make it irresistible to potential buyers. With carefully selected furniture, decor, and a touch of our design magic, we'll transform your space into a showstopper that will leave buyers falling in love and eager to make an offer.

Our work

Project: Little Modern Cottage

Our Work

Project Name

Our Work

Project Name

Step No. 01

Initial Consultation

In the initial consultation phase, we meet with the client to gather information and understand their needs and vision for the project. It allows both parties to establish rapport, discuss project goals, budget, timeline, and any specific requirements or preferences.

Step No. 02


Once all onboarding items are complete, we move into the discovery phase. During the discovery phase, we conduct thorough research and exploration to identify potential design solutions that align with the client's preferences and requirements. We conduct site visits to collect measurements, photos, and dive deeper into understanding the client's needs, style, and the overall context of the project.

Step No. 03


In the concept phase, we present our creative ideas and design concepts to the client, providing them with a visual representation of how their space will look and feel. The concepts may include floor plans, color schemes, material selections, and conceptual sketches or renderings. The design team works closely with the client, seeking feedback and refining the concepts until a clear vision and direction are established to move into the design phase.

Step No. 04


In the design phase, we transform the concept into detailed plans, including floor plans, color schemes, and material selections. We collaborate closely with the client to finalize the detailed plans and specifications for the project, ensuring that all aspects of the design are carefully considered and addressed.

Step No. 05


During the procurement phase, we handle the sourcing, purchasing, and coordination of all necessary materials, furnishings, and accessories to bring the design vision to life.

Step No. 06


In the installation phase, we oversee the execution of the project, managing contractors, coordinating deliveries, and ensuring that the design is implemented accurately and efficiently.

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