Joy Meets Home Design Studio

Joy Meets Home offers an expert team of interior designers through its full-service boutique interior design studio located in Atlanta, Georgia. We work with clients all over the country offering a diverse and attainable array of services including full-service design for new builds and renovation projects, home furnishings, and styling services. We pride ourselves on helping clients achieve their design goals creating spaces that are approachable, functional and within their budget.

We believe joy in the home should be for everyone and it starts with meeting you where you are and making
the space
work for you.

Our Services

New Construction/Renovation Design

Our new build/renovation design is best for construction projects where the Joy Meets Home design team manages all aspects of the design process from initial design concepts, construction design documents, ordering and installation/styling. We collaborate with builders and contractors to give you a seamless experience creating a home you love.

Home Furnishing Design

For clients who have one room or multiple rooms, who are looking to hire Joy Meets Home to create beautiful, functional, and personalized spaces that reflect the client's lifestyle, taste, and personality, while also optimizing the use of space. This service typically includes everything from space planning and layout to furniture selection, lighting design, wall treatments, color scheme, and styling.

Design Concierge

This complimentary service is perfect if you're tackling the project yourself. No matter where you are, Joy Meets Home can help you bring your vision to life through our design concierge program. This service is perfect if you have questions and need an expert opinion with selections to get your project to the finish line.