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Article: Creating a Calming Space

Creating a Calming Space

Creating a Calming Space

Did you know that 15 million (7.00%) adults in the United States struggle with social anxiety? Following the pandemic, the need to have a space where you can decompress has increased for many. That is one of many reasons why we are so passionate about curating items and designing homes that exude joy.

That being said, our team has compiled some tips and must-have products for when you start to refurbish your "calm corner," "emotional escape room," or "rage room," if you will.

Set a Relaxing Vibe 

Are you burnt out or craving a vacation? Our Citrus Crush and Pink Pepper Fruit Candles are your first-class ticket to an island paradise, with hints of sandalwood and sun-ripened citrus. Similarly, turning off the lights and lighting a candle (or two) from our Blossom Collection will take your room from chaotic to calm. Continue to set the vibe by softening the lighting in your space and replacing standard fluorescent light bulbs with LED/Smart Bulbs. The last step to successfully establishing your emotional escape room is to declutter. Having a tidier space will make you feel in control and more relaxed!

(Pink Pepper Fruit Pearl Glass | $26.00)

Watch Your Favorite Movie or Series

There is nothing better than curling up on the couch in your favorite loungewear set and with your favorite blanket! Paired with the latest series or Netflix original movie, it will be easy to unwind after a stressful day. We even recommend using headphones to block out the noise and traffic around you. So, indulge in your favorite snack and zone out, even if only for an episode or two! 

(Hand Woven Neutral Throw | $68.00)

Cook Your Favorite Meal   

Take an hour or two in the evening to cook one of your favorite comfort meals. Use our Acacia Recipe Box to store all of your family recipes, especially those with food memory narratives shared with loved ones. If you're looking to try something new and refine your culinary talents, try our summer salad recipe here!

(Acacia Recipe Box & Card Set | $68.00)

When All Else Fails, Pour Yourself a Drink

In search of a new cocktail to try this evening? Check out our latest reel featuring our refreshing Rose Ginger Paloma. Whether you try our cocktail, mix up a mocktail, or grab your go-to beverage, tapping into your creative side and sipping on something refreshing can help you decompress. Shop our drinkware and kitchen accessories if you plan to add a bar cart or coffee/tea bar to your emotional escape room!


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