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Article: Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Crank up the Christmas music, brew some hot chocolate, and begin hanging those ornaments because it is time to decorate the tree! Today, we are unpacking everything you need to remember when setting up for the holidays: the selection process, executing a theme, and all the festive additions that come with it!

Picking Out Your Tree

You might think picking out your tree is only difficult if you go the live route, but that is not always the case! There are a wide variety of trees, differentiating in fullness, height, and shape. While we are not arborists, we do know there is very little room for error especially when it comes to decorating! Before deciding which one to choose, measure your space and determine how much room you have to work with. The last thing you want to do is bring a tree home, artificial or live, and have it consume the room you chose. With a live tree specifically, several factors affect the lifespan of your selection. Choose a space in your home away from heat that is accommodating to shedding, trimming, and watering. There is no doubt they are beautiful and fragrant but do require a great deal of maintenance!

Aesthetic vs. Sentimental Ornaments

Now for the great debate, do you take an aesthetic or sentimental approach? Will you pick a color palette and curate a theme with new ornaments or use the hammy-down and homemade ornaments your family has treasured for years? There’s no right or wrong answer here! If you are feeling like it is time to retire the hand-painted bulbs and popsicle stick reindeer, check out this article by The Spruce with over 45 different ideas for your next tree. Everyone has their preferences and traditions. Both options are sure to leave your home feeling merry and bright!

Festive Additions

There are many possibilities when adding decor to your tree! There are a ton of garland options alone, from the color to the material. Beaded Garlands are very popular this year as well as uniquely shaped ornaments that can be easily spaced out to create a crafted, layered look. We also recommend adding gold bells or ribbons to fill in any empty space. Complete your tree with whatever topper you want: an angel, star, reindeer, or (mischievous) elf on the shelf. Whatever your heart desires!

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