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Article: DIY Holiday Wreath

DIY Holiday Wreath
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DIY Holiday Wreath

Happy First Day of December! Does the holiday season make anyone else want to grab ribbons, scissors, and all the crafts shelves can supply? Like the products we choose for our shop, we want to provide you with decor and ideas that will complement your home for years to come. Continue reading for our step-by-step guide to making one of the most traditional pieces of holiday decor: a Holiday Wreath!

Choose a Base

Before moving forward, we encourage you to gather inspiration from Pinterest. When searching, look at cedar, magnolia, or olive leaf garland wreaths with gold and natural elements. One tip you may not find on Pinterest is that in order for your wreath to stand the test of time, you must start with a styrofoam or wire ring. We’ve included options down below for whichever base you choose! 

Adding Decor

This is where the ~ holiday ~ magic takes place! There are endless ways to decorate your wreath and make it your own. Begin by building your base with individual pieces of greenery or by wrapping one large garland around your ring. Add embellishments like bells, florals, pinecones, holly berries, silk ribbons, or small ornaments.

Pro Tip: If you’re going to use lights, add them in first! The last thing you want is to flatten or tangle your creation.

Finding the Perfect Spot

It's no question that your creation should be placed where everyone can admire it. We suggest hanging it outside your front door, in your front window, or over your entryway mirror. If you already have decorations displayed in those areas, consider placing your final product around a cake stand or lazy susan. Our goal is to inspire you, and consequently inspire your guests, to create something lasting from scratch that you can effortlessly style from room to room!

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