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Article: 2023 Trends We're Excited About

2023 Trends We're Excited About

2023 Trends We're Excited About

It is safe to say this year has shown us some cutting-edge design trends like curved walkways, green kitchens, and a mix of modern and vintage decor. Believe it or not, new predictions are already swirling around the interior design community. Today, we are discussing the trends that we are looking forward to the most in 2023! 


Texture, texture, and more texture! This has always been an important factor in interior design, but as of late, more people are getting the memo. Layering texture in your home keeps your space from feeling bland and flat. When done correctly, it can add balance and depth to any environment. For example, if you like the look of an airy, bright all-white room but feel like it needs something extra, then limewash walls might be the solution. Another example is adding comfort to an otherwise cold space like a kitchen. Incorporating cushions on your barstools or placing a rug under your breakfast table will give it that extra layer of comfort. 

Soft-Modern Design

As lovers of transitional design, we are fans of soft-modern concepts by association. The idea is to incorporate modern interior design without the cold feeling that modernism can sometimes give off. Picture a monochromatic (cream or white) space with next to nothing in it, with a deserted, unlived-in look. The soft-modern design approach has minimalist elements like that, but with a twinge of personality and warmth that most modern spaces lack. 

Designated Dining Rooms

This is a unique and somewhat surprising trend, but we support it! Dining rooms are a great addition for several reasons. They’re enjoyable to style and are at the center of a lot of core memories! If you have the space, we highly recommend having a designated dining room. You don’t have to go the traditional route with the long, large dining table that fits ten or more people. It’s nice to have an intimate setting, whether that is where you have most of your meals or special gatherings. Need some inspiration for what this space could look like? Check out our Pinterest Board dedicated to dining rooms.  

As we approach the new year, our focus is on refreshing and reorganizing our homes and helping you do the same. Check out our design services and begin curating a space that brings you peace and joy for years to come! 

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