Styling an Entryway Table

Styling an Entryway Table

Like the cover of a book, your entryway table hints at what is inside! While they can be just for looks, entryway tables are also great for organizing unopened mail and keeping track of your keys. Here are our go-to tips for styling your entryway and making a fashionable first impression!

Tip #1: Centerpieces 

A collection of artwork, portraits, or mirrors are all great options for personalizing your entryway. We lean towards a large mirror or piece of artwork because they provide a focal point and set you up with a symmetrical look. If you are weary about placing holes in your freshly painted walls, watch our recent tutorial on hanging artwork on Instagram!

Photo Credit: Malena Permentier

Tip #2: Adding Height and Dimension 

You can add height and dimension by including a vase with greenery or seasonal flowers, such as dried strawflower or wheat grass. Depending on the nearest outlet, place a lamp on the opposite side. Our rule of thumb is that your lamp shouldn't exceed the height of the surface it's sitting on. The last thing you want is for your entryway to feel unbalanced, so choose a lamp shade that fits within the width of your shelf or table. 

Photo Credit: McGee & Co.

Tip #3: Accessories

Now that your foundation is established, accessorize with coffee table books, framed pictures, and long-stem candles for a pinch of personality. For starters, add two framed photos no larger than 2'' by 3'' or 5'' by 7'' next to your lamp. Then, add a small bowl for your keys for a polished look. Baskets are also a great go-to because they provide texture and storage for backpacks, jackets, purses, and shoes.

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