Decorating With a Curve in 2022

Decorating With a Curve in 2022

Incorporating curve appeal in your home can be accomplished in various ways and in various rooms, but today we're focusing on one space: Living Rooms! If your living room looks anything like ours, it's probably compact and square, leaving very little room for creativity. This is where curve appeal comes in! To help offset the box-like dimensions, you can include circular coffee tables and curved couches. Their bowed design provides ample space for your guests to sit and a focal point for your designs! To help you achieve this look within your home, we have compiled three other tips to help you round out your living space.

Select Curved Furniture With Calming Colors

We love all things neutral at Joy Meets Home! So, while it may seem biased, we encourage you to start by choosing light earth-toned chairs, ottomans, and sofas. Once you choose the color of your rounded piece, create a palette for your next purchases and choose items that compliment your curvy new addition.

Form a Circular Arrangement With Your Furniture

If you're looking to create a space for intentional conversation, arrange your accent chairs and other pieces in a way that completes the shape of your sofa! This will provide a cohesive look and because the seats are turned toward each other, you are guaranteed quality face time with your loved ones.

Mix in Natural Textures To Complete the Look

Pair organic textures like jute, rattan, or wood with simple materials like concrete, glass, and stainless steel. These too can have a rounded element, like our Two-Tone Arched Marble Mantel Clock. Add some minimalistic artwork, greenery, and plush pillows and your new living space is complete. The only thing left to do is snap a picture, tag us in your final look, and relax!

Interested in redesigning more rooms within your home? Learn more about our studio, here!

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