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Article: Planning a Multi-Person Home Office

Planning a Multi-Person Home Office

Planning a Multi-Person Home Office

The pandemic led to many people working from home, some for the first time. Not everyone has a designated office space, let alone space to fit more than one person. Maybe you don’t need room for your partner, but a spot specifically for your children while you work. Whether you’re sharing an office with your partner or your little one(s), we believe you should have a room that promotes productivity!

Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to sharing your office with a loved one. Let’s break down some of the obvious ones! 


  • The opportunity to spend time together! 
  • You will have someone to collaborate with or bounce ideas off of. 
  • Similarly, you will have someone to socialize with - something you might miss from the pre-pandemic days!


  • If you are constantly distracted, it might lead to a non-productive work day.
  • If your meeting schedules conflict, you might feel uncomfortable discussing specific business matters in front of them.
  • You might not have the same work styles! For example, using music to focus versus keeping the room silent.


Create a Designated Spot for Your Spouse

The secret to a productive work environment is how you organize your space. Choose a proper desk setup that works for both you and your partner. You could have desks facing each other, or if that is too distracting, position the side of your desk by the side of theirs with a barrier (bookshelf, cabinetry, faux plant, etc.) in between. We are also advocates for standing desks! Not only do they help with posture and productivity, but they also offer additional space for office supplies. Check out this New York Times article discussing the top four standing desks to come out of the pandemic. Lastly, add decor that makes your space somewhere you want to work! It will make all the difference if you customize your office.


Create a Designated Spot for Your Child 

We recognize that child care isn’t an option for everyone. That is why it’s a great idea to incorporate a workspace or play space for your child(ren) in your office! They can get their schoolwork done or engage in a learning activity at their own desk. Do you have a child that won’t sit still if their life depended on it? Set up a play space with sensory toys! The goal is to keep them occupied while you tackle your priorities, undisturbed. The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice your productivity because you’re constantly worrying about what they’re getting into!


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