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Article: Labor Day Festivities with JMH

Labor Day Festivities with JMH

Labor Day Festivities with JMH

Labor Day weekend is an excellent opportunity to spend time with family and friends or take a much-needed break from your busy lifestyle. If you’ve been waiting to tackle certain projects around the house, this is a great time to do so. We have the perfect products and home projects in mind for whatever you end up doing!

Home Project Ideas

1. Spruce up your Outdoor Space

Make your backyard a place you and your guests want to spend time. Get the new furniture you’ve been eyeing, add the outdoor lighting, or maybe rearrange your current setup to make the space feel new again. 

2. Invest in a Fire Pit

Go the DIY route or splurge on a pre-built fire pit so you don’t have to assemble anything yourself. West Elm has a wide variety of options, and several are on sale this weekend. If you choose to do it yourself, The Home Edit has a fantastic article breaking down everything you need before you build your fire pit. 

3. Organize a Space You've Been Avoiding

Let’s be honest, we all have a specific area in our home we keep saying we’ll organize but never do. No more excuses! Take the time this weekend to complete these projects. Gather your favorite organization tools - baskets, drawers, shelves, etc. - and get to work. 

JMH Labor Day Essentials

We’ve chosen five products from our catalog we believe to be essential for any Labor Day plans!

We say skip the beer and hard seltzer and go straight to making a signature cocktail. Add a little elegance to your weekend festivities with our shell mosaic cocktail shaker.

(Shell Mosaic Cocktail Shaker | $60) 

Our hand-woven picnic basket has everything you could need: glasses, plates, silverware, and a bottle opener. It makes being on the go easy!

(Handwoven Picnic Basket | $96) 

Two qualities we love, aesthetically pleasing yet functional items! Use this gorgeous cutting board for its intended purpose, or make an appetizing display for your guests.

(Marble and Brass Cutting Board | $50) 

Are you lounging on the beach or spending the day on a boat this weekend? This cooler bag will keep all your food and drinks cold so you can spend endless hours in the sun. A perfect choice for any Disney lovers too!

(Mickey Mouse Cooler Bag | $58) 

Serving a vegetable tray at any gathering is an unspoken rule! Ditch the grocery store plastic trays and take things up a notch with our wooden vegetable platter.

(Wood Vegetable Platter | $70) 


Are you looking for something specific this holiday weekend? Shop all Joy Meets Home products 20% off using code LABOR20 here!

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