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Article: Introducing the Joy Meets Home App

Introducing the Joy Meets Home App
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Introducing the Joy Meets Home App

Our founder, Jasmine Crockett, has officially stepped into the tech world with the Joy Meets Home App: a home design application created with affordability and attainability in mind! As one of the very few transitional designers in the tech space, this unique service provides a solution for those overwhelmed by the interior design process.

The Goal

The goal with Joy Meets Home, from the very beginning, has been to make home easy. The Joy Meets Home App does just that! We recognize that not everyone has the time, money, or bandwidth to live through a renovation. Moreso, people want to see a significant change in their homes without demolishing or tearing down walls. All of this was taken into consideration when creating the app!

The Features

So, what exactly can this thing do? When you first enter the application, you will be prompted to take a style quiz. After completing the assessment, you will receive tailored product suggestions to match your aesthetic, lifestyle, taste, and most importantly, budget. Meaning everything you see in the app is customized to you and your needs! For an added layer of personalization, we also added an in-app chat feature that connects users to our studio team! If you utilize this service, you will receive expert advice within no time. The selling point of the Joy Meets Home App is that all these features are in one easy-to-navigate space. You don’t have to jump through hoops to get the answer you’re looking for. All the information is right there, tailored to and for you. 

A Note From Jasmine Crockett

“We are so excited to launch the Joy Meets Home app - a dream turning into a reality! The goal of creating this app and the Joy Meets Home brand was to simplify and humanize the design process. We are on a mission to make renovations less intrusive and overwhelming. In a matter of minutes, you can bring a designer into your home via our in-app chat or video chat feature while shopping for affordable pieces from our most recent collections and client projects."

The app is available today (October 24th) for those who join the waitlist!

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