How To Decorate A Wall Shelf

How To Decorate A Wall Shelf

When I decided to add these shelves to our family room space, I knew that styling them was going to be something that was going to be the most important part. Installing the shelves is one thing but placing the best items on them is another. Wall shelves can be tricky and definitely intimidating if you’re not sure how to style them for your place. It’s actually easier than you think and honestly just should be based around your personal home style. From greenery, balance, books, and height, here are a few tips on how to style your wall shelf.


Create Your Color Palette

Before you start, I think the most important step is creating your color palette. What do you want this space to look like, what colors do you want to be featured throughout, and how do you want people to feel when they see the space. I think at least 3 colors are a good start so it doesn’t look extremely busy. Whatever colors you select, you want to incorporate them throughout your shelf.


Include Greenery

Adding greenery to the space can add the right amount of texture and pop of color you may need. I don’t like to overcrowd the shelves with plants so I will usually do one or two per shelf depending on sizing and again the theme of the space I’m trying to bring to light.


Grab The Books

Books are my go-to when it comes to styling my shelf. I love to curate a good selection of books based on the theme of color I’ll use throughout the shelving. With my family room, I wanted to use neutral cover books that flow throughout the shelves. This also helps fill up your space with a clean look.


Create Height Throughout

One thing I love about shelving is creating height throughout them. If there’s any way to bring the eyes up when looking at the shelf that’s always a plus because, in my opinion, it draws people in to see everything else featured.

I hope these quick and easy tips help you overcome the stress of thinking you can’t style your shelf. It’s easy and all that matters is that you love it for your space.

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