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Article: Guide to the Ultimate Dinner Party

Guide to the Ultimate Dinner Party

Guide to the Ultimate Dinner Party

There are a lot of factors that take a dinner party from good to great. It could be the people, the food, the drinks, or the atmosphere. If you are nervous that your entertaining abilities are not up to par, we are here to help you plan for a memorable dinner party. Let’s discuss the essentials to planning the ultimate gathering (and how Joy Meets Home products fit into that process)!

Get the Party Started

We don’t care what anyone says - appetizers are a must! You can go with a classic combination of chips and dip or our personal favorite, cheese, and charcuterie. No matter what you choose, you will need a stylish way to display it! We recommend our Chip and Dip Basket with Ceramic Bowl or White Marble Pocket Drawer Board with Cheese Set, which has access to all the entertaining accessories you need. 

(White Marble Pocket Drawer Board With Cheese Set | $123) 

(Chip and Dip Basket With Ceramic Bowl Set | $48) 

Set the Scene

Buying flimsy paper plates sounds like a good idea in theory! We know it makes for an easy clean-up, but you must fight the temptation. You should own everyday plates and a set of dishes specifically for guests and entertainment. Lucky for you, we have a five-piece, contemporary dinnerware set that pairs perfectly with our Minimal Pasta Bowl and Spoon Rest, perfect for those saucy dinner nights.

(Minimal Dishes Dinner Dish | $54) 

Do It Yourself

Whether you prefer a cocktail, mocktail, or heavy pour of wine, offering a signature drink to your guests is a nice touch! If you are not confident in your bartending skills, we encourage you to choose and practice with one of our carry-on craft cocktail kits before your next gathering.

(Craft Margarita Cocktail Kit | $17) 

If you are inspired and ready to host your nearest and dearest, shop our flatware, serveware, and kitchen accessories here

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