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Article: Dos and Don'ts of Project Planning

Dos and Don'ts of Project Planning

Dos and Don'ts of Project Planning

No matter the size of the project, there is no such thing as a simple renovation! However, there is something so fulfilling about dedicating yourself and creating something with your own two hands for your home. This week, we are discussing the dos and don'ts of project planning and what to be aware of when considering your next home project.

Do: Have a Clear Plan

We know it can be difficult, but stick to a structured budget and plan. Let's say you give in to temptation, the next thing you know, your simple project has turned into time and money wasted. Remember that your time is just as valuable as everything else! Secondly, the more time it takes, the higher the chances are that you will put the project off, and the last thing you want is an unfinished mess taking up space in your home.

Don't: Let Others Decide for You

One of the most important things to remember is that not everyone will like the end result of your project, and that is okay. That is why it’s your project, in your home. Everyone has different tastes and preferences that make up their unique style. Don’t let the opinions of others keep you from your creative side!

Do: Invest in Higher Quality Items

It is worth it to invest in higher-quality items! Although it might be tough to splurge at the moment, higher-priced furniture and materials will be more than worth it in the long run. It is easy to get distracted by those $20 DIY TikToks, but the end result will reflect the price. The same goes for adding new furniture to your space. We recommend using a resale source like Facebook Marketplace, where you can get high-quality pieces for way less.

Don't: Forget to Think About the Future

We know living in the moment sounds like fun, but with project planning, you have to be considerate of the future. Think about the longevity and versatility of the project you are planning. How will it hold up? If you have to move, how well will it transport? If you are renting, will it damage your walls? Consider if the piece is seasonal, trendy, or transitional. Make sure it fits your ever-changing lifestyle, otherwise, it might not be worth it.

JMH's Most Recent Project

Speaking of project planning, we wanted to share a little bit about our most recent project - Project Woodvale! Jasmine and Shannon, our design team, have been hard at work bringing this home to life. The client asked them to transform their son's room, the playroom, and a zen room and they totally delivered. It's still a work in progress as they wait for back ordered furniture but you can check out our Instagram to get a look into what's been done so far. Keep checking back to see it toally finalized. It's already such a cool space where everyone has their own designated area! 

If you are looking for more interior design tips, read our journal here!

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