Behind the Collection: Season of Joy

Behind the Collection: Season of Joy

The Joy Meets Home Holiday Collection, Season of Joy, is finally here! What started as a spin on our name turned into weeks of curating products and an afternoon transforming our office into a winter wonderland. Well before Thanksgiving, we might add. Regardless of how and when you decorate, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to shop these products during our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Warmth and Nostalgia 

When we began conceptualizing Season of Joy, we agreed that each piece should elicit a warm and nostalgic feeling. Similar to receiving a hug from extended family and old friends on Christmas Eve. With hues of evergreen, hickory brown, and rich cream, our new line of festive decor is sure to bring joy to any room!

Photoshoot Process

Hannah Lozano captures our vision effortlessly every time! In two short days, she shot over twenty-five new arrivals twice. First in our studio and again at Jasmine Crockett's beautifully decorated home. Unlike our past two collections, a special guest, KJ, joined us to make sugar cookies!

Featured Products

Whether you’re seeking decor, comfort, hosting necessities, or something for your children to enjoy, we have a little of everything!

Find all the holiday decor you could ever need, all in one place. Shop Season of Joy now!

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